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Our future, and that of our children and grandchildren, depend on our ability to rise to the challenges of our time. Our mission is to help achieve this - to put long-term resilience at the heart of society. We focus in particular on extreme risks - high impact threats that have a potentially global reach, such as pandemics and risks relating to the unsafe development of artificial intelligence. 

Thank you for your donation! Your financial gift will further our efforts to safeguard the future of humanity.

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Important: Your donation will go towards our general operating costs and could be used to support any of our work, some of which may involve engagement with governments and public bodies. We are registered in the UK as Alpenglow Group Limited, a non-profit company limited by guarantee. Donations to us are subject to PayPal's fees and are not generally tax-deductible, but you should take your advice on the status of your donation. Since we are not a registered charity, this is not a donation that qualifies for Gift Aid.


For donations above £10,000, please get in touch with

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