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Introducing Future Proof: a roadmap to boost the UK’s resilience to extreme risks

Today is a big day for the Centre for Long-Term Resilience! We’re proud to launch Future Proof, in collaboration with Toby Ord, author of The Precipice, and extreme risk experts from the Future of Humanity Institute and the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk. Future Proof provides a roadmap for the UK to transform its resilience to extreme risks like Covid-19.

At CLTR, we work on some of the defining long-term challenges of our time - from AI, to biosecurity, to building our resilience to extreme risks across the board.

As former civil servants, Angus and I have experienced first-hand the challenge of prioritising what is most important over the tyranny of the urgent.

Our aim is to make it that bit easier for decision makers in Government to give these issues the attention they deserve, and Future Proof is at the centre of these efforts. It represents the culmination of over a year working with extreme experts to distil their expertise into actionable, costed policy recommendations.

With a UK AI strategy, a biosecurity review and a National Resilience Strategy all under development, there will never be a better time to make real policy change in these areas. Now is the time for the UK Government to learn from the warning shot of Covid-19 and take out an insurance policy against the most extreme threats we face. We, and the experts in our network, are here to help.

Read Future Proof’s recommendations here.

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