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Extreme risks - the defining long-term challenges of our time

Artificial intelligence. Biosecurity. Climate change.

These are some of the defining long term challenges of our time. But we can see their impact in the short term too. As we live through the tragedy of a global pandemic, these extreme risks should be in the forefront of all our minds.

The Centre For Long-Term Resilience’s mission is to help ensure that these issues get the attention they deserve from decision makers – to put the long-term resilience to these extreme risks at the heart of policymaking.

Having worked in government, we understand how difficult it can be to prioritise what is most important over what is most urgent. We are here to help.

We connect policymakers to leading academics who work on some of the most important long-term challenges of our time. We help them convert their cutting edge research into actionable policy recommendations that are grounded in the UK context.

We work with experts whose recommendations are:

High impact – research indicates that implementing these recommendations would likely be highly beneficial in the long run. Achievable – with our support, academics have a good chance of making meaningful contributions to the policymaking process with these recommendations. Neglected – these recommendations relate to issue areas that are comparatively under-resourced within government, or require specialist outside expertise.

Do get in touch if you would like to learn more about our work.


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