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The Centre for Long-Term Resilience (CLTR) is recruiting new Board members


The Centre for Long-Term Resilience (CLTR) is recruiting two new Board members.

Application form: here (estimated time: 15-20 minutes).

Deadline: By Friday 31st March.


About CLTR

CLTR is an independent think tank with a mission to transform global resilience to extreme risks. We do this by working with governments and other institutions to improve relevant governance, processes, and decision making. We are based at Public Hall in London.

Our vision is a safe and flourishing world with high resilience to extreme risks, such as those from pandemics and emerging technologies.

We focus on two areas of risk where effective governance today could substantially mitigate both current and future threats: artificial intelligence (AI) and biosecurity. To help build this resilience, we also focus on Risk Management more broadly — the process of both transforming risk governance, and of identifying, assessing and mitigating all extreme risks.

We have three organisational values which guide our behaviour: i) people first, ii) targeted real-world impact and iii) integrity.

You would be supporting a kind, motivated and talented eight-person team with big ambitions for the future.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for two exceptional, committed new Board members to form part of a diverse Board which represents a wide range of experiences and perspectives.

In terms of responsibilities, our Board:

  • Holds our Senior Management Team to account for delivering on our mission;

  • Offers strategic challenge and help steer CLTR in the most impactful direction;

  • Provides support and continuity for CLTR during moments of risk, transition or uncertainty;

  • Ensures that we are living our values.

You would be a good fit for this role if you:

  • Are motivated to help CLTR achieve its mission and will proactively suggest ways to do so;

  • Have experience working at similar types of organisations and in achieving policy change, in the UK or elsewhere;

  • Are diligent and confident that you are able to dedicate up to 40 hours per annum.

Experience working at similar organisations and in achieving policy change would be beneficial. Expertise in AI, biosecurity and risk management is not essential for this position.

We want the best people and we don’t want biases holding us back. We strongly encourage people of every colour, orientation, age, gender, origin, and ability to apply. If you are passionate about CLTR’s mission and think you have what it takes to be successful as a Board member, even if you don’t check all the boxes, please apply. We’d appreciate the opportunity to consider your application.

The Process

Application form: here (estimated time: 15-20 minutes).

Deadline: By 31st March 2023.

Our non-executive Board members have so far been unpaid. However, we are happy to offer payment of £5k per annum for all Board members who would like compensation for their time.

After the initial sift, the next stages are: i) a short, written work test, ii) a meeting with a CLTR Director, iii) an interview with CLTR’s current Board. Successful applicants may be invited to attend a Board meeting as an observer before receiving a final offer.

The expected time commitment for board members is 30-40 hours per annum. This consists of quarterly board meetings (2.5 hours in length), reviewing documents (3 hours per quarter) and ad hoc discussions / consultations (variable, approx 3 hours per quarter).

For more information, feel free to contact Sophie Dannreuther.

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