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Update to the Integrated Review inquiry - submission of evidence

The team at CLTR have authored a submission of evidence to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee’s inquiry into updating the UK's Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy.

While it is understandable that the Government must focus on the ongoing crises it faces, it must not lose sight of the threat posed by extreme risks - low-probability, catastrophic events. The submission makes four key recommendations for strengthening the UK’s resilience to extreme risks:

(i) Ensure that the Updated Integrated Review maintains its vital focus on building resilience to extreme risks.

(ii) Deliver a comprehensive national resilience strategy, involving the overhaul of the UK’s risk management system.

(iii) Transform the Review into an adaptive, dynamic and forward-looking strategy.

(iv) Integrate externally-facilitated, regular workshops amongst senior teams on a cross-functional/departmental basis into the government’s risk management and Integrated Review processes.

The update to the Integrated Review was published on 18 December 2022 and can be read here. Evidence submitted by CLTR is referenced in paragraph 7, and is also partially reflected in paragraph 11.

Read CLTR’s full inquiry submission below:

Submission from the Centre for Long-Term Resilience
Download PDF • 299KB

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