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We are hiring for an Operations Associate (Application Deadline 10 March 2024)


Job title: Operations Associate

Salary: c.£50k, depending on experience. However, we would be open to considering a higher salary for a truly exceptional candidate. If you are interested in this position but the salary is a barrier to applying, please get in touch with our team to discuss.

Benefits: A generous benefits package which includes a pension contribution scheme (up to 7% employer-matched contribution), life insurance, generous parental leave entitlements, a £5,000 annual wellbeing allowance and a £3,000 annual grant for your learning and development.

Location and travel requirements: Flexible location within the UK, with the expectation of attending our Westminster, London office at least two days a week, including Mondays. Unfortunately, we are not able to sponsor visas for this role.

Start date: We expect to complete this hiring round in April/May, with the chosen candidate starting ASAP after they have received an offer.

If you are interested in this position, but salary or location is a barrier to you applying, please get in touch with our team to discuss as we may be able to offer some flexibility based on individual circumstances.

Application form: Apply Here (submissions for this role are now closed)

Deadline: 10 March 2024 at 23:59 Anywhere on Earth (AoE)

For any questions, please send an email to:

About CLTR

The Centre for Long-Term Resilience (CLTR) is a UK-based, non-profit and independent think tank with a mission to transform global resilience to extreme risks. We achieve this by working with governments and institutions, offering targeted, evidence-based advice designed to enhance understanding, decision-making and governance – with a particular emphasis on advising the UK government.

At CLTR, we focus on three prioritised policy areas that, when addressed effectively, can substantially reduce both present and prospective global threats: i) biosecurity, ii) artificial intelligence, and iii) improving how governments manage extreme risks.

You would be joining a passionate and committed team with diverse experiences spanning academia, healthcare, government, non-profit organisations, and the private sector. We place immense value on the work we do as well as on fostering a positive team culture that supports staff wellbeing and growth. CLTR’s approach is anchored in our three core values: i) integrity, ii) people first, and iii) targeted real-world impact.

Full Details

What you'll do

You'll be a key part of the CLTR team, providing the CLTR team with the administrative, operational, research and office support they need to maximise the value of their time and opportunities. This role will be vitally important as it will dramatically increase the productivity and impact of the whole team. You will be joining our amazing Operations Team to help scale our systems as our organisation continues to grow, while also collaborating on a range of projects and events.

The Operations Associate role primarily encompasses a range of administrative responsibilities, contributing to the smooth operation of our organisation. We recognise the unique strengths and passions of our team members and are open to tailoring certain aspects of the role to align with the successful candidate's interests, including tasks like research support and event management.

Working as a team member within Operations, your role would include:

  • Drafting emails and assisting with email management

  • Scheduling internal and external meetings

  • Processing administrative bills, invoices, and other payments or purchases

  • Supporting Salesforce management

  • Producing template emails and internal operational documents, including Google Sheets

  • Ensuring that our external-facing documents, such as Google Slides presentations, donor reports and policy briefs, are well-formatted and presented (design skills are welcomed)

  • Providing basic IT support and maintenance, including troubleshooting systems and admin issues for the team

  • Managing travel logistics and expenses for the team

  • Managing the room booking and setup for external meetings, including signing in and meeting visitors

  • Helping organise occasional events, such as retreats, workshops and seminars

  • Compiling basic literature reviews and identify relevant sources to support projects

  • Summarising and synthesising findings from research papers, reports or other documents

  • Carrying out copy-editing, copywriting and fact-checking

  • Carrying out (non-scientific) background research and present findings

  • Helping produce documents, briefing papers, reports, and presentations

  • Supporting with general office management, including maintaining the appropriate amount of administrative supplies and materials.

What you'll bring

The CLTR Operations Team is looking for candidates with:

  • A genuine passion for the administrative and operational side of the role, and in particular for saving colleagues’ time and making systems work for people

  • Outstanding attention to detail, especially in the preparation and formatting of written work

  • Excellent written communication skills

  • Exceptional organisational skills, with an outstanding ability to manage up and down the organisation

  • Excellent use of tools and systems like Asana, Slack, Google Suite and Salesforce

  • The ability to juggle several competing priorities in a high-tempo environment and prioritise effectively between them

  • An action-oriented, self-motivated and reliable approach with a keen ability to problem-solve and take initiative

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, able to communicate efficiently in a calm and professional manner (and will often be one of the first points of contact our stakeholders have with CLTR)

  • The ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality and discretion at all times

  • The ability to help drive a positive team culture

  • Directness and openness in giving and receiving feedback

  • Strong interest in, and commitment to, CLTR’s overall mission and values.

Diversity and inclusion

As an employer, we encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply and do not discriminate based on age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation. We also warmly welcome applicants returning to work after career breaks.

If you are passionate about CLTR’s mission and think you might have what it takes to be successful in this role, even if you don’t check all the boxes, please apply. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to consider your application.

Location and Travel Requirements

The successful candidate will be expected to attend our central London office in Westminster at least two days per week, ideally four. Other team members work between one and four days per week in the London office and the rest of the time from home.

Application process

Here’s a summary of the application process for a successful candidate. We might make adjustments.

  1. Complete this application form by 10 March. (submissions for this role are now closed)

  2. Complete 1-2 work tests designed to simulate the work you would do if hired and evaluate certain skills important for success in the role.

  3. Attend a remote interview.

  4. Submit references.

  5. As needed, attend a 1-day paid trial to allow you and us to see what it would be like if you worked at CLTR. You’ll be able to meet the team, including the person who will be your line manager.

  6. Receive an employment offer!

It's really important that all candidates who have the potential to succeed at CLTR are provided with an equitable experience in the application process. So if you require adjustments to provide you with the best opportunity to succeed through our hiring process, please feel free to contact at any stage.

Please be assured that adjustments are seen as part of creating a fair environment at CLTR, and will not influence decision-making in our selection process. Adjustments may include (but aren't limited to!): compensation for travel expenses, additional time or accessibility support for tasks in the selection process, or other adjustments in the way the hiring process is run.

Salary and benefits

c.£50k, depending on experience. However, we would be open to considering a higher salary for a truly exceptional candidate. If you are interested in this position, but the salary is a barrier to applying, please get in touch with our team to discuss.

In addition to your salary, CLTR offers a generous benefits package which includes:

  • 28 days annual leave, plus public holidays;

  • £3,000 annual learning and development budget, plus up to five days paid work time;

  • £2,000 onboarding grant for equipment and supplies;

  • £5,000 (before tax) annual wellbeing budget, for you to spend at your discretion on items such as gym membership, therapy, meditation, etc;

  • A pension contribution scheme (up to 7% employer-matched contribution);

  • Private health insurance;

  • Group life insurance;

  • Generous parental leave benefits; and

  • Paid office lunches every Monday and Friday.

Working with CLTR also comes with a commitment to caring deeply about your wellbeing, career development and overall experience working with our team, and to respect your preferred working patterns, including flexible working hours as agreed with line managers, wherever possible.

Unfortunately, we are not able to sponsor visas for this role.

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